My Role(s)

  • UI Designer
  • Front End Developer


  • Adobe XD
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • SCSS
  • CSS Grid
  • Google Analytics

Playful but Professional

Before anything, I want to describe what this portfolio means to me:

  • Playground : a place to experiment my design ideas
  • Exhibition Hall : a place to showcase my technical abilities & passion
  • Extended Name Card : a place that shows who I am - my work attitude, style and personality
  • Sharing : a place to connect, where I can share my development journey with people in the amazing dev community! :)

Other Important Notes

  • This portfolio is fully-responsive, assessible, and SEO optimized.
  • After building the basic layout, I have a love-hate relationship with how this portfolio looks.
  • Yet I enjoyed so much building what I had in mind. The amount I've learned in the process exceeds my occassional dislikeness of its appearance. That's why, I'm actually already excited about creating my Version 2. :)

What You'll Read About

    Design Process:

  • What is the vibe I'm going for, and where does its inspiration come from?
  • How was my brainstorming & design process like?
  • Development Process:

  • How did I build my responsive layout more efficiently?
  • How did I build responsive page titles?