• Front End Developer


  • React
  • TMDb API
  • jQuery
  • CSS3
  • Animated CSS

Your Endless Movie List

MovieHub is a React-built web application that sources up-to-date movie data while allowing users to create a personalized watch list.

Moviehub Mockup

App Tasks

  • Shows current trending & top-ranking movies, inc. key details such as ranking, overview, starring actors/ actresses etc.
  • Allows movie search by keywords
  • Allows add/ remove movies to a list which can be revisited later

Generating 20 Results for Search, Trending, and Top-Rated Movie Pages (Desktop)
Search by keyword 'Avengers' (Desktop)
Individual Movie Page
Individual Movie Details (Desktop)
Watch List
Personalized Watch List (Desktop)
App Introduction (Desktop)

What You'll Read About

Development Process:

  • How did I prevent users from misunderstanding that my site is broken while data is being fetched?
  • How did I solve the inevitable user experience problems?